Umebike is a degree project in progress at the Institute of design Umeå University

Author: Ulrik Svenningsen graduating student in  Advanced Product Design

In collaboration with:  Sustainable travel Project group Umeå (Hållbart resande)

Project sponsor: Umeå Municipality


4 Responses to “About Umebike/contact”

  1. Hello:
    You project for Umeå is an interesting one, and we are excited to watch your progress.
    Intrago is a developer of automated rental systems for small electric vehicles, such as electric bikes, scooters, etc., as would be found in a public bike system, which thus far have only been pedal bikes.

  2. umebike Says:

    Hi Dave
    Thanks for your comment, right now I am thinking of not having stations and integrating the payment/control system in the pedal bikes themselves to make the system more flexible and less investment intensive.

    In this stage of the project everything is still open, so comments are most welcome.

  3. Dave Says:


    If you want to have locking and payment capabilities on pedal bikes, you will need some sort of power source.


  4. umebike Says:

    Quite right, I will need an electric power source in any case for the lights. In Umeå there are only a few hours of daylight in the wintertime, and Sweden is a very safety minded country.


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